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How is expertise?


In an expertise at home, I first listen you why I’m here, what problems you have, what are your questions …
I then noted the terrestrial networks, faults and possible flows of water I note on your map if you have prepared one. Necessary corrections were then made after we aillons discussed together.

About electromagnetic radiation, I walk around your apartment by taking a few steps. Can I share my observations and I give you some tips to reduce the harmful waves if you feel the need.

Then I go to the memory of the walls and floor, to entities or attendance and the overall energy of the place. I correct and I clean the memories that are negative for you.

Note that I can very well reverse the order of things according to the feelings of the moment and in that place the request. Also I do not necessarily always do complete expertise, sometimes people call me for a specific problem. Everything is discussed with you and detects and that which corresponds to your wishes.


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