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Charter Geobiology


I undertake to respect and implement a charter, that of a group of Geobiologist including myself. You will also find on the lageobiologie.ch site.

The form of “he” is used, even as we speak to ladies as well as men.

  • Detections are performed only according to your prior request: We will not go in the field of features if you do not want us abordions example.
  • Your home will be treated with the utmost respect. For us it is your sacred and intimate space and we want to preserve it.
  • Each resident is included in the harmonization process. We are here to answer questions of all family members, whatever their age!
  • All that is detected on your location will be clearly reported and explained.
  • All possible corrections will be exposed before putting them up in your home. Only once your agreement given that we will apply them.
  • We are not sellers. So we do not sell hardware fix. By cons we are able to offer merchant sites or stores where you can find what you need.
  • We are at your disposal for any further information before, during or after delivery.
  • Rates are clearly available and supplements are advertised in advance

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